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13 2010

1:33 PM

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Apple needs more balanced surveys

In view of my recent purchase of an iPhone 4 cover from Apple (Yes, I was one of the cheapos who opted to redeem a free iPhone 4 cover before the offer expired end-September), I was asked to fill out an online survey pertaining to the iPhone.

And so I did.

I was pretty much perplexed when I chanced upon this question on the second screen, though.

Screen 2 of Apple survey.
Second question from Apple’s survey.

I guess that Apple (or whichever survey company they chose to employ) had conveniently forgotten that there’s more to the web than merely the Apple and Singtel websites.

And the only other option available?

“None of these, I have not required help using the iPhone.” (Whut?!)

Either way, there seems to be huge assumption made in constructing this survey question – that people with iPhone issues will only opt to refer to either the Apple or Singtel. And that those who don’t visit any of these websites for resolution, have no iPhone issues at all.

Unfortunately (for them, at least), this is not true at all.

In response, I expressed my dissent in an open-ended question in the next screen about general feedback with my service provider.

Honestly speaking, I have had loads of issues with the iPhone – but the options provided in the previous page (listing only either Singtel/Apple websites) was not sufficient in answering my questions.

I consulted numerous online forums, discussions and weblogs via Google Search in order to resolve the myriad of problems I experienced with the iPhone.

Examples of problems:
Syncing of contacts with the iPhone.
Syncing purchased apps downloaded via the iPhone to iTunes.
The need to restart my phone continuously because certain app sessions were constantly having issues.
And the like …

And honestly, trawling through Google Search (which is so ubiquitous, easily accessible via my browser toolbar) is so much easier than trawling through either the Singtel or Apple websites. The discussions and options sought are more balanced too, than one sided.

When it comes to Singtel Support, what can I say? Having to wait 25 minutes on the phone with a mechanical voice constantly on replay with annoying music before I get to speak to a real person is not cool at all.

Just couldn’t resist. :P

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