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03 2010

Hair ye, hair ye!

I think it is ridiculous that I hadn’t written a word for a month. Things have been pretty interesting offline, yet I can’t quite find the time to sit down to pen it down properly. There are loads of little knick-knacks I’ve been wanting to photograph as well but couldn’t find the time. Oh well. Soon, I guess.

I’ve recently acquired a short, boyish haircut. For months, I’ve been mulling over it. Until I eventually felt “enough thinking, some action please”, and got it all chopped off.

Oh, hello!
Mirror reflection in the lift.

It isn’t very obvious in this photo, but my hair is heavily layered – especially at the back. I’m really fond of it and my head feels so much lighter now. My only gripe is that I can’t tie a decent ponytail with it. (And people who know me would be fully aware that a ponytail is my trademark ‘do.)

Needless to say, mum wasn’t impressed about how her already tomboyish daughter is looking even more tomboyish now. (Which was my intention. (;)

How was how my hair looked before.

Captured, pre-haircut.
Captured, pre-haircut.

Still pretty much undecided whether it looks better before or after, although it doesn’t matter anyway. What’s done is done. I have short hair now. Wheeeee! Better embrace it for now, because my hair grows at an exponential rate and it would no longer look like this in about a month or so.

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  • 03 Oct 2010
    3:57 AM


    Strange that, my mum prefers me with short hair. I personally prefer short hair as it’s easier to maintain but my hair grows quite fast – best of both worlds I suppose. :)

    I think you look better with short hair and not tomboyish at all. :) Can’t win anyway, if you were a boy and had the same hairstyle people would think it looks too girly. :P

    • 03 Oct 2010
      12:56 PM


      I’ve seen guys who can pull off long hair! I think it depends on the overall image, and perhaps the fact that we are members of the 21st Century young generation who can embrace these things. (;

  • 03 Oct 2010
    5:08 AM


    They both look good, and I think that you’re clearly a girl in both of them. It’s always nice to change things up once in a while.

    • 03 Oct 2010
      12:59 PM


      Ditto that, about the change bit. (; Although I believe some of my friends are exasperated about how I just can’t seem to keep my hair long for a long period. (I hate this strange habit of cutting my hair short at least once a year!)

  • 03 Oct 2010
    5:11 PM


    that’s not boyish! heh. I’ve cut even shorter before and, yes, a stranger asked my mom if I was her son -.-

    • 03 Oct 2010
      11:02 PM


      Haha, the back is heavily layered – hence the tomboyish cut comment. It was what I had set out to achieve anyway. (; I wanted to get it cut even shorter, but was met with vehement ‘no’s from everyone.

  • 04 Oct 2010
    2:15 PM

    Maria Celina

    I prefer the short ‘do on you. It gives you a lot more character.. not that you don’t have a lot of it already (a good thing, of course). =D

    • 05 Oct 2010
      10:11 PM


      Heh, thank you. I kinda prefer the short ‘do too. (;

  • 06 Oct 2010
    6:20 AM


    I also disagree that that’s “boyish”. I think it looks good on you though! I need a haircut really badly… my hair is so long and thick. It’s hard to maintain.

    • 06 Oct 2010
      7:58 AM


      Long and thick = healthy hair! (; People in Singapore are generally appreciative of long, thick hair.

      I ought to post a picture of the back of my head soon. D:

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