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01 2010

11:04 PM



The day I said “WTF” … with my t-shirt.

So, I wore my awesome self-customized tee to work today. If I hadn’t loved that tee enough prior to this, I love it even more now.

My awesome shirt!
Me and my awesome shirt!

The tee’s first wash (post painting + high-heat ironing) went by pretty smoothly. The colours didn’t run, unlike what I had initially feared.

For those who are wondering, the brand of fabric paint I used is Dylon. I did some research on the brand and apparently, it is really reliable. They manufacture some other novel fabric-centric products such as colour run removers.

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  • 02 Sep 2010
    12:42 AM


    really cool XD

    were people staring or something?

    • 03 Sep 2010
      12:42 AM


      Haha, not really. The younger folk were to used to it (‘it’ being the use of ‘WTF’s) to care, and the older folk probably wouldn’t know what WTF stands for anyway! (; Heh.

  • 02 Sep 2010
    7:20 AM


    Wow, I couldn’t imagine wearing such a casual tee to work. You must be pretty comfortable there!

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