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I write with no particular theme in mind, because I am random like that.

Cycling is awesome

I cycled a total of about 14 kilometres today – from Still Road South to the eastern end of East Coast Park (near NSRCC) and back (map). This excludes some additional scenic exploration detours along the way.

Me and my bike!
Long evening shadows.

I’m pretty pleased, because I haven’t properly cycled in aeons. Additionally, didn’t quite realize that I could last all the way – usually my heart goes bonkers after a while – but it held out! (;

Invigorating, it was. The sky was a clear blue, and I witnessed a pretty awesome sunset.

Should definitely do this more often.

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  • 30 Aug 2010
    9:38 AM


    Cycling is indeed awesome! For a person with a heart condition, you that is quite a long ride.

    By the way, I love that picture. It makes you look big.

    • 31 Aug 2010
      11:52 AM


      Thanks, Stephanie! And yup, cycling is awesome. (;

  • 31 Aug 2010
    7:17 AM


    Uh. Yeah. How did you cycle all that way?? I’m afraid of cycling because until I moved somewhere flat, I’d go out for ten minutes and then have an asthma attack. It wasn’t awesome at all.

    • 31 Aug 2010
      11:44 AM


      I can hold out pretty well when it comes to cycling. Just don’t ask me to run. Haha. It is pretty relaxing, actually.

      Don’t be afraid to give it a go, but take it slow for now. (:

      • 31 Aug 2010
        10:13 PM


        I think I’ll stick with my own advice for now. :)

        • 31 Aug 2010
          11:02 PM


          Of course! (: One step at a time.

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