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13 2010

Gems in the night sky

As predicted, the sky show did happen – the 10% illuminated crescent moon joined in the conjunction of Venus, Mars and Saturn in the western sky this evening.

Hurray for clear skies. The weather was pretty stormy yesterday until early this morning, but every wisp of cloud cover had cleared by early evening. It was a pretty starry night, though my attention was mainly focused on the western sky – where the moon and the three planets were hanging low. (Plus, stars aren’t easily photograph-able in Singapore skies anyway – too bright. :()

Planetary conjunction with the moon joining the crowd.
Planetary conjunction with the moon joining the crowd.

For larger resolutions, you may check out the photos I’ve submitted to Space Weather.

Ooh, and just take a look at the earthshine on the moon. I rarely see that here, actually – because the overpowering city lights. Hmm, tonight is indeed special.

As promised, I did end up dragging my woozy self up to the rooftop garden to capture this rare event in the sky. (Still pretty much reeling from the after-effects of IV sedation from my early morning procedure today – but nothing, absolutely nothing stops me from my sky watching!)

Thanks to the sky for co-operating. It made a pretty positive ending to an otherwise one-of-those-I-want-to-forget days.

There is supposed to be a meteor shower going on at this moment too, actually. But … the sky garden faces the wrong direction, so I doubt I would be able to do any decent fireball-watching. If you have a window facing the North-East however, don’t forget to look outside! (Do check whether the perseid meteor shower will be visible in your area first, though!)

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  • 16 Aug 2010
    3:20 PM


    Spectacular! My boyfriend told me this was going to happen, that the planets would be visible but we couldn’t see them in Britain. Can’t believe you photographed Saturn! It’s so much more further away…

    • 17 Aug 2010
      2:39 AM


      It was actually much nicer the night after the above picture was taken – the moon was literally beside Venus! But alas, t’was overcast!

      Saturn may be far away but it’s pretty large, so it’s easily visible from Earth. The other planets that can be seen from Earth include Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter. :P

  • 20 Aug 2010
    12:27 AM


    oh wow that’s awesome :D

  • 23 Aug 2010
    3:45 PM


    that pic is breathtaking! =D is it just one pic or did you composite it?

    • 23 Aug 2010
      3:54 PM


      It’s just one picture. (; Wide-angle lens are teh awesome!

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