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11 2010

Support – I has it.

I chanced upon this on my Facebook profile last night and immediately felt a warm, fuzzy sensation.

I feel loved. (:

It’s really an awesome feeling to receive such support from the people I work with on a regular basis. Thanks guys, I am deriving quite a fair amount of strength from this!

Meanwhile, am nomming on as much food as I can – I can have no more food or drink from midnight onwards. I need to store enough to get me through tomorrow … like a hamster.

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  • 17 Aug 2010
    2:26 AM


    Hope you’re doing all right. :)

    • 17 Aug 2010
      2:40 AM


      I’m good now. (: But mentally gearing up for the remaining few rounds!

  • 23 Aug 2010
    3:47 PM


    wuh-hey! i hope you know i will support you too! =D we bloggers (however infrequently i blog) need to support each other!

    • 23 Aug 2010
      3:55 PM


      Aww. Thank you, hun! (:

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