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Breathing in Nature

After my appointment at the cardiologist’s earlier in the day, I set off for some scenic exploration in the western parts of Singapore yesterday, particularly Hindhede Nature Park and Little Gui Lin 小桂林.

Major thanks to the mum for driving me around. Recent health events left me with sliiiiiight physical limitations but I wanted to be up and about anyway, so yay! Thankfully, the scenic spots we explored today were pretty accessible without too much exertion as well.

The weather was pretty awesome for photography. Clear blue skies with little white fluffy clouds to add some character and variation to the captures. A little too warm for my liking, though – but this is Singapore and I am a Singaporean (who is unfortunately, still yearning a little too much for cold weather) – so I’d better get used to this all over again.

We stumbled upon the Hindhede Nature Park by mistake, actually. En route to Little Gui Lin 小桂林, we made a wrong turn and while trying to right that wrong, somehow spotted a sign leading to Hindhede Nature Park and decided to take a look around.

Hindhede Quarry
Hindhede Quarry.

The Hindhede Quarry was located within the Hindhede Nature Park. A mere ten minute walk along a wooden boardwalk would easily take you there. There were a couple of little huts along the way (mmm, picnic!), and quite a few playground fixtures (which I soooo wanted to play on, but nearly impossible with a DSLR dangling from my neck).

The lookout point overlooking the quarry was quiet. It helped that it was a weekday and barely a soul was there. (So I could enjoy the view and take my time without any kids and families ruining the atmosphere. Heh.)

Hindhede Quarry
Hindhede Quarry, with satellite towers in the background.

I was looking around for a boardwalk that takes you right next to the water’s edge but there was none. It would be really great if we could get up close and personal with the rock formations at the quarry too. Mmm, ideas for boardwalk extensions, anyone?

There were a few more quarries in the vicinity but I’d leave those for another time, as they involved longer treks. Oh, and yes – keep a lookout for some squirrel sightings as you walk on the boardwalk! I spotted this really adorable fella, but it scooted away and eluded me when I tried to photograph it. :(

Little Gui Lin 小桂林 was just a short drive away from Hindhede Nature Park. (You know, judging by the maps in the street directory, I’ve decided that people living in the western area of Singapore are really, really lucky because they have loads of nature spots in that area to unwind. The eastern park – where I live – has barely anything.)

Guilin Park
Rock formations at Little Gui Lin 小桂林.

Little Gui Lin 小桂林 is actually really, really pretty. However, being located right next to a built-up housing estate takes some of the beauty away. Facing the lake, the sound of engines rumbling from the cars and buses on the main road directly behind is clearly audible – which is really a pity. Ah, well. Ear plugs should work, huh?

Oh, there is a school directly beside Little Gui Lin 小桂林 as well, which means dating students were aplenty, not to mention groups of rowdy students just looking for a place to hang out. But they were mostly confined towards the far corner of the park, so it wasn’t too bad.

Oh, hello!
Hello there!

Strolled around for a bit, and found a couple of really awesome hiding spots (which were unfortunately, already occupied by dating couples so I’ll try my luck again next time). The park isn’t that big, so it should be a pretty friendly place to explore. There used to be a hiking trail lurking around somewhere but I heard that it was closed a few years’ back because of landslides (!!!).

Guilin Park, with condominiums in the distance.
Guilin Park, with condominiums playing peekaboo in the distance.

Note: The condominiums you see in the picture are located a couple of streets away. Whereas directly in front of that lake (and the rock formation) were several high-density housing blocks.

Yeah, like I said – I really envy the people living in the immediate vicinity of Little Gui Lin 小桂林. Imagine waking up to a view like this every single day. I guess having a scenic spot so close to a housing estate has its pros and cons.

The place is really accessible as well. There’s a bus stop just in front of it, and it is a mere five-minute walk from the train station. Or perhaps I shouldn’t rave too much about how accessible it is before the place starts to get overly crowded. Hmm.

Would most definitely continue poking around the various scenic spots in Singapore. Perhaps one or two a week – sounds like a good plan, no? And yeah, to also return to those I’ve already visited to satisfy my shutterbug urges.

(The above exploration only took slightly less than two hours. I couldn’t exert myself too much at the moment, but managed to see a lot despite it all. (; Having a car – and a mum willing to drive you – really helps. But … I want to head back again to have a thorough walk around in a few weeks. Who’s in?)

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  • 01 Jul 2010
    4:26 PM


    Such beautiful pictures doll. I wish we had such scenic views near me. I’m totally jealous!

  • 16 Jul 2010
    1:02 AM

    Maria Celina

    My jaw dropped when I saw your photos. For the entire five years that I have lived in Singapore, I did not visit this place. I lived in the Western part of Singapore, so I was able to avail of a regular visit to the Chinese and Japanese gardens for a jog or photography session. If I were still living there, I’d be game for exploring even more nature spots in Singapore.

    By the way, it’s great that you’re still managing to maintain an active lifestyle in spite of your condition. It’s a type of optimism that is contagious and it makes me happy to read about it!

    • 18 Jul 2010
      11:16 PM


      Come back to Singapore for a visit, and I will take you there! (; There are several other nature spots I’d like to try out too.

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