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22 2010

4:05 PM

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Wanderlust strikes again

Back in Singapore in familial surroundings, I was totally devoid of that sense of wanderlust that took over during that one month in Vancouver. Perhaps it is the hot weather – now that I am back home, swimming in the humid air of quite possibly the world’s largest sauna, I am missing Vancouver’s cool temperature terribly.

But after lazing around (battling jet-lag, I suppose) for quite a while, I felt this strange urge to be up and about again. Singapore has its fair share of scenic spots – although incomparable with Vancouver’s snow mountains, glaciers and what-have-yous – but at least, it’s something.

I started off with East Coast Park, since it is nearest to where I live. (I intend to explore Southern Ridges and Little Gui Lin 小桂林 next.)

Bedok Jetty.
Enjoying the wind at Bedok Jetty, East Coast Park.

So I hopped aboard a squeaky bright yellow mountain bike rented from one of them bike kiosks at East Coast Park and set on my way on a late Sunday afternoon, weaving in and out among flocks and flocks of families, kids and dating couples.

Methinks my biking skills were fairly rusty (like the bike I was riding on), considering how I had a little trouble maintaining my balance near the beginning. Also, I nearly crashed into a couple of young Malay boys – one of whom shot me a look of death – at one point. My fault. I was daydreaming.

Me, on bike.
Oh, hello!

Since I was cycling at my own leisure time (sans the competitiveness that naturally follows when a group of friends cycle together), I could also stop at any scenic spot at my own will to take photos, admire the view and enjoy the breeze.

One thing about the seabreeze in Singapore is that it leaves you feeling all sticky afterwards. Erps. Stupid humidity. But at least it cools me down anyhow. I’d prefer nice, fresh but sticky seabreeze than suffocating in still air.

Bedok jetty.
Bedok jetty.

Stopped to purchase a huge cup of sugarcane juice (sugar boost!) mid-way and subsequently wobbled on the bike thereafter, trying to balance the juice and the bike at the same time. (Riding a bike with an attached basket does not work – the juice always threatens to fall over even when wedged against your other belongings in the basket.)

Made a couple of stops around the Bedok Jetty area (see picture above) and finally, at the 360° Cable-Ski Park to people-watch before riding back towards the west-end of East Coast Park to return the bike and head home.

I always loved people-watching at the 360° Cable-Ski Park.

Cable-skier against the sunset.
Cable-skier against the sunset.

First of all, you have the cable-skiers strutting their stuff – occasionally showing off when they know there are people watching. Second, you have the gawking passers-by. Third, you have the occasional picnicking couple on mats along the grassy areas surrounding the lagoon indulging in the occasional PDA (which also seems to correspond with increased wipe-out rates from the cable-skiers).

Finally, you have the fellow photographers. Like this one.

Fellow photographer at work.
Fellow photographer at work.

As it turns out, fellow photographers can sometimes turn into unwitting models for other photographers. This fellow was apparently, reviewing his previous snapshots taken from his spot on the edge of the lagoon – although from my angle, he looks like an introspective, emo-esque individual contemplating suicide next to the lagoon. (Uh, oops.)

I miss cycling, and I hope to make this a weekly affair.

And I’ll arm myself with my camera, of course.

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