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Missing the target (Not!)

So, after a reeeeeally long time (think six years), I finally tried my hand at archery again – at DM Archery in Suntec City.

Well, the last time I tried – my arrows landed on the floor most of the time. A few did hit the board, but they were in the ‘out of bounds’ region and nowhere within the target at all. (There was also one point back then where my arrow landed on the neighbouring person’s target but let’s not go there. Needless to say, said person wasn’t too happy.)

So, I somewhat expected the same result today. Like, you know – dropping the bows and the arrows flying all over the place?

I surprised myself, though.

My first bull's eye!
Bulls eye! (Second round.)

Look, ma! I hit a bull’s eye!

Okay, so I only hit one bulls eye out of the 36 arrows I shot. Quit laughing already! It’s still a pretty decent result, okayyy? (;

Plus, none of my arrows landed on the floor!

On my third round (the last 12 arrows – not shown in the above picture) – my arrows nicely circled the red portion around the bull’s eye (although there were none in the yellow bull’s eye region, argh) – which means most of them arrows were ‘getting there’ but not quite.

Decent results for a noob. Haha. Quite happy.

Archery can be pretty costly, though.

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  • 04 May 2010
    7:06 AM


    As someone who’s also tried archery (during one of those primary school camp to some random place with archery facility) I must say being able to hit the board is quite a feat already! Grats for hitting the bull’s eye! :D

  • 04 May 2010
    4:28 PM


    Oh my… I haven’t thought of doing archery since I was in school. It does look fun… note to self: Investigate local archery places.

    BTW: Awesome on the bull’s eye!

  • 05 May 2010
    3:41 PM

    Maria Celina

    A bulls eye is a bulls eye, regardless of the amount of attempts taken to achieve it. (Okay, maybe it’ll mean something in competitive archery, but clearly you know what I mean.)

    Great job, and kudos on documenting this triumph!

  • 06 May 2010
    12:58 AM


    Awesome! :) I don’t think I could do archery at all, so one bulls-eye and all those attempts that didn’t land on the floor are VERY impressive.

  • 07 May 2010
    4:24 PM


    You’re a regular wood elf, aren’t you? I couldn’t hit anywhere near the target, let alone the bull’s eye. <_<'

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