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19 2010

Have you swam in the swimming poo today?

So, the original plan to hang around the poolside at Stef’s place – along with the occasional swimming (for the rest) and happy feet dips (for me) while we have some marshmallow and fruit fondue in between.

Unfortunately, certain incidents have occurred at the pool as of late and managed to thwart our plans.

Human poo found in pool?!
Pool closure notice.

In case the text is not very readable, here is some help;

Pool closed for 2 weeks up to 30 April 2010 for maintenance – human poo found in pool.

(Please report to management office if you see culprit.)

Culprit will be prosecuted.

This has subsequently, let loose an avalanche of jokes.

Think “let’s hang out by the poo-side!”, “let’s check out the swimming poo!”, “we can’t go swimming in the poo today!” and “gosh, will the poo be smelly?” (For the very last one, it was uncertain whether the person was referring to the pool or the poo.)

Well, we didn’t manage to get our swimming poo-fix today.

Instead we had some really awesome pasta – along with live guitar playing, courtesy of Stef’s brother – beneath an umbrella-shade above the deck-table we were at, followed by marshmallow and fruit fondue (which was part of the original plan) for dessert.

And yes, we were seated by the poo-side.

Stef's brother.
Stef’s brother – live entertainment for the evening.

And no, the swimming poo was odour-less – in case you were wondering. (The odour that filled the air was that of the usual heavily-chlorinated scent that surrounds swimming pools.)

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  • 19 Apr 2010
    1:01 PM


    The sea was dangerous because of all the waves and sea creatures so we invented the swimming pool. But now people won’t stop peeing and pooping in the swimming pool! Is there no safe place to float?

    • 19 Apr 2010
      2:24 PM


      How about bathtubs? (;

  • 20 Apr 2010
    8:53 AM


    B-but… I’ve always wanted to swim in human feces! I mean, there’s fish poo in the lake and ship poo in the ocean, why is human poo considered worse? :'( Such… racism!

  • 20 Apr 2010
    12:46 PM

    Maria Celina

    One of the many things that I am wondering about this incident (after laughing for ten minutes about the entire humour of the situation), is how they’ll find the culprit. I mean, it’s not like anyone will step up bravely (and by “brave”, I mean “naive”) and say, “I’m the one who left an S-shaped souvenir for you guys!”. Or something.

    I also love how the sign says “human poo” instead of something else, like, “human feces”. That sign is awesome! *entertains her inner 12-year-old boy*

    Glad you guys made a humourous time of the situation. I’ll go back to sniggering at the photos. =P

    • 24 Apr 2010
      12:25 AM


      Haha, I don’t know! The pool is surrounded by quite a number of houses – so hopefully, someone would have witnessed it. I wonder what the management would do if the culprit was … a kid or something. :P

  • 20 Apr 2010
    12:50 PM


    Oh wow… that’s just… I don’t even know what to say. I’m grateful my mom has a pool at her place. No poo for me!

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