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09 2010

Customizing my own pants!

I recently acquired a pair of plain black cotton track pants for the looong plane journey to Vancouver next month. (Apparently, jeans aren’t the best for long plane rides as it may lead to deep vein thrombosis.)

The pants was a little too plain for my liking and so I decided to jazz it up. Went around collecting materials galore – plain black cloth, shoelaces in brown and black, silver metal fasteners, golden buttons, and thread reels in a myriad of colours.

I initially wanted to do some contrast threading. Say for example, electric blue threading on the black-based pants. However, I threw that idea out of the window as it’d be difficult to match. Eventually settled for neutral colours.

Creating the pockets!
Creating the pockets!

I started off by creating two little black pockets – one for each side, attached to the front of the pants at different heights.

The pockets were created from black squares of scrap cloth with the edges sewn in as shown. (Yes, folks! Everything was hand-sewn. The total process took about two hours in total because I am such a n00b at stitching. But I gave it a shot anyway because it’s really fun to customize your own stuff!)

The black pockets were then attached to the pants. Yes, with black thread. Hurhur, how boring. (; It’d be fun to do something with contrast threading in the future. Perhaps a t-shirt. I’ll see how it goes.

Attaching the pockets!
Attaching the pockets!

This was then followed by little golden buttons for some pizazz! (Not to mention how I was getting tired of seeing black, black, black!)

Little gold buttons on pockets!
Little gold buttons on pockets. Mmmm, classy!

Because black and gold is always an awesome combination.

The finishing touch was a ‘lasso’ which I intended to link the top-front of the pants to the base of one of them pockets. It was braided from three shoelaces – two brown and one black – with silver fasteners attached at both ends. (Initially wanted to use those thin leather strings, but was told by the storekeeper that they’d peel when washed. :()

Two cloth ‘hooks’ were sewn onto the pants – with the larger of them hooks graced with a big golden button – and the ‘lasso’ was nicely attached on.

Thus, behold!


Top-half of the pants.
Top-half of the pants.

Wahey, am pleased with the result!

The only problem is, perhaps the metal fasteners (for the ‘lasso’) had been a mistake. I kind of overlooked the necessity of going through metal detectors during airport security scans. Erps.

On a brighter side – luckily the ‘lasso’ is easily detachable and re-attachable, but still. I don’t want to be fiddling around with the ‘lasso’ when I have a load of bags to carry!

Either way, I love my self-customized pants. Whee!

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  • 10 Apr 2010
    2:28 AM


    Looks comfy! I love the buttons and the lasso. Very very creative :D I can’t sew to save my life. My stitching is messy and very very “unladylike” according to most people but nonetheless it works for me. (:

    I always go for flights with sports pants because they’re the most comfy things in the world :D I have only one pair of jeans left (weight gain, weight loss, in the end things just don’t fit) and I’m trying to get my jeans to last at least two months before I go home :P

  • 10 Apr 2010
    5:55 AM


    Heh I’m still too scared to sew clothes myself, but so cool that you tried it out! I really want to get good at sewing so I can do the same. :)

  • 11 Apr 2010
    10:41 PM


    I didn’t know that wearing jeans is a bad idea on planes, though I’m thinking they’d have to be tight to cause problems.

    Your creation looks very comfortable!

    • 11 Apr 2010
      11:43 PM


      Coming from someone who wears jeans nearly all the time – it isn’t that bad. (; But for optimum comfort especially on extremely long flights (my flight to Vancouver will be roughly 16 hours!), I’d opt for something non-denim!

  • 12 Apr 2010
    9:27 AM


    wow i love it brenda! you’re soooo handy with this stuff! make me a pair of comfy pants thanks!! hehe

  • 28 Apr 2010
    10:11 PM

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