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05 2010

I ought to stop buying shoes

As in, seriously!

In the past four months alone, I have amassed at least eight new pairs. It’s driving my mum up the wall, because I shift her shoes to release more space in the cabinet for mine. Plus, she claims my shoes are much, much cheaper than hers (which is true), so she should get first dibs on the storage space, not me.

Exactly what kind of footwear do I go for?

Well, one thing for sure – I do not fit the typical girly shoe-owner profile of collecting heels. I don’t quite support the idea of straining my feet. Rather, I go for comfort.

The girliest pair of shoes I own is a pair of gladiator flats. And so far, I’ve worn it only … about twice. Erps.

The bulk of my shoe cabinet comprises sneakers, Birkenstocks (particularly Papillios) and a collection of ballet flats and mary-janes in a myriad of colours and designs. The general gist is – as long as they are easy on the feet, I have ’em!

Uh, okay. I somewhat digressed. The purpose of this entry was actually to announce the arrival of two recent additions.

My existing pair of Nikes were starting to ‘talk’ to me (think a semi-detached, flappy sole), so I decided to get a new pair of sneakers in view of my trip to Vancouver next month.

This time round, I opted for Adidas – indisputably my favourite brand.

Adidas Superstar II
Adidas Superstar II in gold and white.

The laces were originally white, but I replaced ’em with a pair of black ones because I like having some contrast on my shoes.

Mmmm, awesome possums!

I always get a high from Adidas‘ stuff.

The last time I bought myself a pair of black Adidas sneakers (way back in early-2008), it took about two months before I decided to stop with the ‘I love them so much that I can’t bear to wear them‘ nonsense and eventually wore them out.

Adidas Superstar II, upclose.
Adidas Superstar II, upclose.

Even looking at these pictures alone brings me into a tizzy. That is the extent of how much I love my new sneakers. (;

The second addition is another pair of flats. Not quite the usual style of flats, though. This one is slightly androgynous – but it was the colour combination and design that attracted me.

It’s a cross between a pair of sneakers and ballet flats. (Hear ye! I’m getting the best out of both worlds!) The design wouldn’t appeal to everyone, methinks – but it practically screamed my name when I spotted them at the John Little Mega Sale @ Singapore Expo two nights ago.

Of stars and stripes, in red and white.
Of stars and stripes, in red and white.

These flats are from an Australian brand called Surfer’s Paradise. I’ve previously spotted this brand in most local departmental stores but I was never too fond of them because I felt most of their designs looked … cheaply made.

However, this pair was well-cushioned and easy on the feet. (Very few flats do this for me!) A pleasant surprise, and so I fell in love with ’em.

And if you are observant enough, you may have noticed a strange similarity between the two new pairs of shoes I bought. Hurhur.

Yes, I am a big fan of this style. Sporty and funky, yo!

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  • 05 Apr 2010
    2:27 AM


    I used to *love* Adidas shoes. Then I went to Europe and no one wore sneakers and I started wearing “nice” and “grown-up” shoes. Yesterday I went shoe shopping, too! Got some fun purple ballet flats and gorgeous black sandal-like shoes that maybe I’ll put up a picture of sometime because I love them so much.

  • 05 Apr 2010
    7:08 AM


    … Exactly how big is your cabinet? D:

    • 05 Apr 2010
      12:39 PM


      Eh, not very big. :P Just a usual one with shelves, but I do loads of stacking.

  • 05 Apr 2010
    9:49 PM


    hahaha i live just right next to surfer’s paradise in australia. it’s a place on the gold coast too :) love that last pair!

  • 05 Apr 2010
    10:46 PM


    I’m a shoe collector as well, but the exact opposite of you — all of mine are heels and platforms. I stumble and hurt myself on sneakers and flats! :D

    Those sneakers are cute, though. Do you know if they possibly come with lime green or hot pink stripes?

    • 06 Apr 2010
      1:11 AM


      As far as I know, Adidas produces sneakers in almost every colour combination possible. Not every colour is perennial, though. It depends on the season/collection releases. (;

      Colours I see almost all the time are red+white, black+white and green+white. I have seen lime green ones lurking around some time ago, but I don’t see them now. Likewise for hot pink!

  • 06 Apr 2010
    10:42 AM

    Maria Celina

    I’m a big fan of Adidas as well. I also once owned a pair of white and gold sneakers also (what do you know? Like minds have good taste, eh?) but I think that was in the start of my college years.

    Awesome buys.

  • 06 Apr 2010
    8:08 PM


    I too collect shoes! :D but never a birkenstock and papillios, or shoes similar to birkenstock, sandals similar to papillios! I buy high heels shoes, boots, sneakers, mary-jane shoes.

    But so far I thought I was a not-so-girly girl :P

  • 08 Apr 2010
    9:14 AM


    she lies!! i’ve seen her cabinet! and it’s COLOR-COORDINATED!! with heapsa clothes inside!!

    • 08 Apr 2010
      1:30 PM


      Hahaha. Shoe cabinet and clothes cabinet are mutually exclusive!

  • 09 Apr 2010
    1:09 AM


    8 pairs?! You cannot be serious?! :O

    I’ve had less than 8 pairs in the past 10 years. For real.

    • 09 Apr 2010
      1:11 AM


      Haha, no kidding.

      I used to wear just sneakers and birkenstocks until end-last year when I discovered a store that sold really comfortable flats. That was when I discovered that I didn’t mind flats and somewhat went overboard from there.

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