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21 2010

My little feisty ol’ Squirt.

Squirt’s still fighting for her recovery, and I’m doing the best I can to ensure that it’s a smooth one. She’s regained most of her feisty, stubborn personality and is back to kissing me for her food again. (Although she still doesn’t eat much of it.)

She’s becoming increasingly protective of her litter tray, as the following pictures will show.

Squirt has an interesting coat pattern, and a pair of really soulful eyes with a facial expression that constantly screams emo. As such, it really looked as though she was shooting me this disapproving stare when I tried to wash her litter tray this afternoon.

Here’s an closeup of that disapproving look I’ve grown to love so dearly.

Altogether now. Awwwwww.

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  • 23 Mar 2010
    2:55 AM


    Aww. ^^

  • 23 Mar 2010
    5:43 PM


    She’s absolutely beautiful and has a lovely mischievous twinkle in her eye. :P What’s that coat pattern called?

    • 23 Mar 2010
      11:09 PM


      She’s an abyssinian guinea pig – supposedly a show breed, based on what I’ve read! The fur doesn’t fall down straight. Rather, it comes out in little twirls called ‘rosettes’. (:

  • 23 Mar 2010
    7:40 PM



  • 24 Mar 2010
    3:20 AM


    Squirt is positively adorable! =D

  • 25 Mar 2010
    9:28 PM


    Squirt’s looking good =)

    i just had test on about 70 dog breeds and 30 cat breeds today. dogs – easy peasy. cats… annoyed the shit outta me, but i recognised all of them today.

    in a few weeks time, the next test will be on rabbits and guinea pigs. gonna have to have colored photos printed to study pigs man!

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