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22 2009

Oh hai, neighbour!

There’s a really sweet lady who lives next door. Quite young too. She’s a property lawyer, if I recall correctly and rarely do I see her at home. (In fact, I rarely see her at all, because she travels pretty often.)

Needless to say, I was startled when mum opened the front door while we were on our way out a day ago … only to find the neighbour seated outside her unit, reading the newspapers.

I was startled for two reasons.

Reason number one being, the queerness of the situation. The last few times I’ve met her, she was usually in power suits, looking all poised as she makes her way to (or from) her car. Whereas here she is, slumped in front of her door, newspapers in hand with no power suit.

Apparently, one of her family members had taken her usual set of keys, leaving her with another incomplete set. As such, she was only able to unlock her main door but not her gate. The main door was slightly ajar, with Lady Gaga’s music emanating from within – possibly her only other source of entertainment apart from the newspapers she was reading.

Ah well, I am not in any position to laugh because likewise, I’ve been locked out of my home before … albeit five years ago. A much worse situation than her’s too, I imagine – because it was a cold day, I was running a high fever and still had to wait slightly more than an hour for someone to arrive home and let me into the damn house.

Reason number two as to why I was startled?

I was in midst of a very bad rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (The Indian Version) as I was making my way to the front door earlier and even while mum was opening the door. (For the record – if you hadn’t known already – I break into strange songs when I deem the coast clear … or so I thought.)

As such, my eyes grew wide and my voice trailed off when I spotted the neighbour. My rendition of the ridiculously bad song (yes, complete with my faux Indian accent) was most definitely audible from where she was.

Thankfully, she said nothing about the singing and simply greeted us in her usual cheerful manner. (Although she was looking at me a little strangely. Then again, it could also be just my imagination.)

Thankfully, I regained my composure fast enough to attempt inviting her into our home to wait – although methinks mum did most of the talking. (I was still … pretty speechless.)

It is going to be hard to ever behave normally again the next time I meet her.

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  • 23 Sep 2009
    6:29 AM


    hehehe, i am really tempted to click on the link to the song, but i’m currently at work on a break and there are other people around who may look at me strangely. :) i like the redesign

  • 23 Sep 2009
    12:38 PM


    hahaha *smacks forehead* oh Bren.. you and your weird immitation of accents!

  • 25 Sep 2009
    3:46 AM


    Indian accent? You need to do a vlog to demonstrate.

    Maybe you’re in luck and she thought it was your *mom* singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (with an Indian accent)?

  • 25 Sep 2009
    11:01 PM


    Awww! If I were here I’d think it charming. Why hide things like that? ;)

    (P.S. Catching up on blog posts from the last two weeks – expect many comments from me.)

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