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17 2009

Miss Neat Freak

A couple of days ago, mum and I trotted over to IKEA since an extremely anal yours’ truly was nitpicking on our (bad) home organization again.

Here’s the story.

I walked into the family maid’s bedroom to do some ironing in the afternoon and nearly fell over when I saw the state of the place.

The cupboards were piled high with bedsheets and what-have-yous which threatened to fall over any moment. Plus, other stuff such as steam irons and hangers were strewn everywhere. (Most people will deem this as normal. But this is coming from yours’ truly who’s extremely picky about neatness to an extent that she colour-codes her clothes. No, seriously.)

I decided that this cannot remain and already made a mental note of how many storage boxes to buy and what type – and dragged mum to IKEA with me later in the evening.

I got the storage boxes that I wanted, while mum was admiring these little box shelves which she wanted to get for the balcony in her room.

This was then the following conversation took place.

Mum: How do I attach these to the wall?
Me: There are holes at the edges, they are meant for you to screw them into the wall.
Mum: How to screw, ah?
Me: You’re the adult with experience, not me! And you’re asking me how to screw?

Hahahahaha. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

We trotted home with quite a haul of storage boxes and three of those box shelves that mum wanted. Oh, and we have screws too. Giggle.

I’ve tidied up the maid’s room immediately upon return. (And promptly felt faint after that – which lead to mum lambasting me for overexerting myself yet again.) But I’m pleased. The cupboard looks so much neater now with things organized into boxes.

That’s what being stuck at home for two weeks straight can do to you. It makes you so bored that even packing things into boxes sound fun.

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  • 18 Aug 2009
    9:46 AM


    Hahaha I’m never going to get THAT bored at home. But I will direct other people to clean my room and re-organize. Hey, can you come over to my house? We need to figure out how to store all our stuff… it’s falling out of closets.

  • 19 Aug 2009
    4:13 PM


    I colour code my clothes as well, and am too nitpicky. :) Only, I don’t bother sorting out other rooms as some people don’t appreciate it.

    IKEA is always the place to go for storage furniture. :) Every time I suggest getting storage I’m met with faces of disapproval. Though, maybe, I’m too much of an organisation freak so I may well be going overboard. :P

  • 19 Aug 2009
    11:59 PM

    Chien Yee

    I’m not a neat freak and that’s me being honest. I’m quite an untidy preson but once I’ve the mood, I’d clean the house like a madwoman.

    I love IKEA furniture, but I don’t have any :P They’re quite pricey here but nonetheless, I want an IKEA-furnished house when I grow up XP

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