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31 2009

Australia Part III: Noises in the night

It still feels like yesterday when my friends and I were practically crafting a brand new life on our own for two weeks in a foreign land. It makes me want to jet-set somewhere all over again.

Anyway, I shan’t ramble on – and get to the main point.

A plus about having people sleeping in the same room as you is, the opportunity to hold conversations while you’re not yet sleepy until you eventually drift off to sleep.

Only that the conversations being held are occasionally … not verbal. Rather, certain body parts will converse with one another by emitting strange bodily function noises.

You'll never fart alone!
(Click for the enlarged version.)

Think stomachs growling and arseholes farting. Yes, these were the two causes of the usual midnight hysterics … at least for the two girls.

The only guy suffered. As usual.

The above comic strip was hastily drawn on board the plane en route back to Singapore from Shanghai last week. It is one comic strip that actually transcended through half the Asian continent and the Pacific Ocean … and turbulence as well. Ooh, the excitement.


(In case you missed out, here is part I and part II.)

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  • 01 Aug 2009
    11:42 PM


    eeerrrm. his self-improved song-singing was enough to kill during the day!!

  • 02 Aug 2009
    1:37 AM


    *cracks up at comic* But girls don’t fart! *shifty eyes* Right? I know I never do. *cough*

    I love the way you take photographs. Does that make sense? I like your *style*. And I also love your Coppermine theme. I would download & modify it myself but my host hates my Coppermine. :( Every time I switch the theme, something bugs up. *cries*

  • 03 Aug 2009
    2:03 AM


    You drew that on a plane ride? The consistency in style is pretty impressive. The first six panels are so consistent it looks like you traced over some parts. Nonetheless it’s very cute and funny. Poor guy.

    Brenda’s reply: Heh, some elements have been replicated since it’s pointless to redraw them over and over again!

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