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30 2009

Farewell, little cousin.

I’ve been busy recently, working on a farewell gift for one of my favourite cousins – David.

This young fella’ would be heading to Vancouver for the next two years or so to pursue his Junior College education. (Singapore’s Education System has once again, proven to be too much of a struggle.)

It was a rather sudden, I must say. He only made his decision slightly more than a month ago and he’s leaving in … three days.

I’d feel really odd without David around – the cousin I practically grew up with. Those little gossip sessions and heart-to-heart talks in my grandmother’s house, all those times going crazy in public, our families having dinner, lunch or shopping sessions together, how he’d always drop me a message or ask how I am (about my health) and of course, our thrice-annually overseas trips together.

He’s my little buddy. How can I cope for two years without him? :(

Ah well, no time to grovel about it. I wish him the best of luck, to work hard and play hard at the same time. Also, I wish a pretty Canadian girlfriend upon him. (Oh, and I’ve asked him to find me a cute Canadian girl too. ;))

Anyway, back to the gift I’ve prepared for him.

Basically, it comprises two posters – which I’m going to demand he displays on the wall of his new room – one comprising photographs depicting our past happenings together with the family and extended family, and the other comprising messages from various family members and friends (bordered with even more photos).

At least in a way, he’d be taking all of us with him to Canada.


David's farewell gift
David’s farewell gift bundle.

It took several pieces of coloured paper, two black plastic boards, three tubes of glue, several photos, scissors and a very tired pair of hands to create this.

It was made with love, David dear. I hope you like it.

The first board.
Board 1 – Photographic memories.

This is the first board I’ve mentioned about, supposedly depicting David’s life with his family here in Singapore, all thanks to my vast collection of photos from family outings and travels throughout the years. Not to mention some rather err … unglam pictures of David himself too.

Now, presenting the other board.

The second board.
Board 2 – Sweet farewell messages.

I’ve started soliciting messages from family and friends (and those who know David) via Facebook slightly more than a week ago. It wasn’t easy, since some rarely log into Facebook (and I have no other means to contact them), so it was a crazy waiting game until I’ve more or less received all the messages I needed.

The messages were nicely formatted on Microsoft Powerpoint, printed and cut into little speech or thought bubbles (or plain ol’ squares) for the board.

I’m quite pleased with the overall outcome.

Continue reading for more in-depth pictures of the farewell gift bundle.
WARNING: Image intensive!

A closer look at the photo board:
I’ve really got to share this because some of them photos are either oh-so sweet (with equally corny captions) or oh-so hilarious. It was a dead-accurate representation of how my extended family is really like.

If only I had a copy of the board to keep for myself. However, having photos of them should suffice I guess. Or I’ll recreate one for myself if I’m free.

Here are some of the funnier aspects.

Staring the loving aunt and uncle.
Starring my loving aunt and uncle (David’s parents) at the top-right corner.

In case you’re squinting at what the speech bubble reads, it says – ‘Kissy kissy, snuggly wuggly, with my hubby.’

I swear, I have absolutely NO IDEA which part of my brain THAT came from.

More quirky snapshots.
More quirky snapshots. (And David’s first para-sailing experience.)

I had to censor the famous F word on the speech bubble for fear that my aunt will accuse me of corrupting David’s mind again. (Although I’m sure she’s aware David knows that word exists.)

I would have loved to spell it out in its entirety. I know David doesn’t mind, and I am CERTAIN that that was exactly what was on his mind at that moment in the picture. (A split second before he took off with the parasail.)

Emo fail.
Emo fail. ;) Hahaha. More cousinly snapshots.

David and his Dad.
David and his dad reaching out for the ‘D’ in his name.

A closer look at the message board:
Now for board number two. Funny as the photos may be, most of the messages are dead serious. I was half-expecting some of my cousins to inject their trademark sense of humour into their farewell messages but … there were none. Everyone wanted to be politically correct, it seems.

The only quirky message in there was mine. I feel out of place. :(

Nonetheless, here is a tour around the board!

Sharing a straw.
Well wishes from the two male cousins who shared a lover’s straw. Aww.

Contrary to what it seems, these two are not gay. We all know that young men do display signs of homosexuality every now and then, don’t we? ;)

Leap for your dreams!
Yes, David! Leap for your dreams!

Horny cousins.
Horny cousins.

This portion is quite cluttered, unfortunately. Lack of organization on my part.

In case you were wondering what’s up with the italicized caption below that photo, take a look at the middle of the picture. You can spot my cousins dry-humping one another with Nicholas at the extreme left attempting a buttspank. Oh, dear.

Separate message from Max.
A message from cousin Max that had to be given seperately.

This cousin of mine sent in his message late. Apparently, he doesn’t use Facebook as much.

My original plan was to exclude messages that came in after the deadline I’ve set. However, I felt I just HAD to include his message after I read it. Possibly the most meaningful of the lot, and so I’ve placed it on a small cardboard of its own.

Posters in progress:

Poster 1 in progress.
Poster 1 in progress in the early hours (read: after midnight) of 28th April.

Poster 2 in progress.
Poster 2 in progress in the early hours of today.

I have several printed photos left over from the whole project. I am contemplating either distributing them among my cousins or chucking them all at David along with the posters. More photographs equal more memories, aye?

There you go, little cousin.

Always remember that the rest of your extended family are right here in Singapore rooting for you! May you return with good results and excellent experiences from Vancouver.

We love you!
See? So many people love you!

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  • 01 May 2009
    7:29 PM


    The boards are bursting with creativity and love! I feel very much the same with my brother (except I was the one who left); but being physically further away only made us closer emotionally. :)

    Can he also find me a cute Canadian girl, preferably delivered to my doorstep, while he’s at it? :P

  • 05 May 2009
    12:12 AM


    That’s so amazing! I’m in awe. I wish someone had wished that I would find a hunky German guy when I left. :P I need to get out more.

    No, but seriously. That’s such a great expression of love and creativity. I bet David will love it, and look at it often when he’s starting to feel homesick (two years! courageous).

  • 05 May 2009
    11:22 AM


    Gosh! You are really good at customising a gift for people. The board is so well organised and so fun and so vibrant. Wish i were him… hahaha…

    Anyways thank you so much for the Christmas present. Even the simplest thing, gift wrapper is customized… It made me feel so special!


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