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27 2008

Blast from the past

We were childhood friends waaaay back in Kindergarten. Her parents knew my parents, and that was how I got to know her for the first time.

We even travelled to Genting Highlands together in July 1991, along with her little brother.

During one particular day of the trip, we were even decked out in similar sailor outfits with red jackets. And on the first day of the trip, we both wore dresses. Plus, I could also remember vividly a certain incident where she got locked in the hotel room by accident, and I was standing outside wailing at the adults to help her get out.

Boy, fun times!

Then, we somehow lost touch. Although we were both still aware of each other’s existence.

Only today, 26th August 2008 – did I realize … that for my past three years in SMU, she and I were in the same course, taking the same modules and even shared classes together quite a few times.

Only that she knew that it was me and I didn’t – and she didn’t bring it up because she thought I’d forgotten.


How could I? HOW COULD I? How. Could. I?

Plus, I also discovered that we were in the same Secondary School for three years without realizing it. Maybe it was because we were in different levels. But still … how can one tide through four years of Secondary education without recognizing an old friend from there?

I seem to be walking through life in a daze, aren’t I?

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  • 27 Aug 2008
    4:02 AM


    hmm why didn’t she approach you then?

    fate has a funny way of playing tricks on people. bad habit, that :)

  • 27 Aug 2008
    5:09 AM


    aw, being a kid was cuter when you could match with your friends. :D now i’m horrified when someone’s wearing the same thing as me, haha.

    and dude, if you see her again, you need to talk to her! really, you must! it’s fate, it’s destiny, it’s… i don’t know. but you should at least try. :D

  • 27 Aug 2008
    6:14 AM


    I was quite surprised as well that she didn’t approach you even though she knew that you guys were in the same class. Was she afraid that you didn’t remember her?

    I didn’t have exactly the same experience but I was invited to a Christmas party by a college friend which took place in at his friends’ apartment, and when I entered, there was a guy from my high school sitting in the living room, who recognised me instantly. I never spoke to him before that though his name was familiar, but apparently, he knew me through other people. It was the weirdest reunion!

    Brenda’s reply: Haha yes, she didn’t bring it up because she thought I’ve forgotten. :P

  • 27 Aug 2008
    7:38 AM


    Not quite as dramatic as yours; but I thought one girl looked really familiar in a conference. I checked her name on the guest list to avoid embarrassment before saying hi to her. She didn’t recognise me. :( But her reason was that I’ve “grown beautifully and more ‘lady-like'”, so I forgave her. XD

    Thanks to Facebook, though, now we can continue to keep in touch with each other. :)

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