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Ukulele cover of One Direction’s “Counting Stars”


As you can tell – I’m a little camera shy, especially near the end. :P

I might probably start doing and posting more covers. Once I get my self-consciousness out of the way, that is. I’ve been posting covers on Facebook (visible to friends only) all this while and shying away from the public, but maybe I should start breaking out of that soon.

Before I do that, I’d probably have to get some lighting issues sorted. The video above makes my room look a lot darker than it really is.

How I lost 6kg in 4 months


Since October last year, I decided to take on a personal challenge of shedding some kilos.

My reasons for this are purely health-related, considering how I’ve managed to gain the same amount of weight within the same duration from June to early October last year. (My weight had shot up from 56 to 62.6 kilos during that period, and I am 1.67m.)

I’ve been pretty much acceptable weight (if not slightly underweight) for most of my life. But as of early October last year, I was almost veering towards being slightly overweight.

Today, I’m back at a comfortable 56.8 kilos.

No crash dieting involved. Neither did I increase any form of exercise or activity on top of my usual habit of lifting weights at night – 40 bicep curls and 40 overhead triceps. (Which I’ve been doing for close to a year so far!)

Neither did I force myself to go cold turkey from my occasional indulgences – chocolate truffle cake and latte. (Okay, actually the latte is almost uh, daily.)

All I did was to alter my eating habits at night a little – I reduced the amount of food I eat at night. For example, half a bowl of rice with dishes instead of the usual full bowl. In fact, the less carbs at night, the better.

While I still ate my usual amount prior to 5pm.

It’s not rocket science. Conventional wisdom states that one should eat most in the morning (i.e. breakfast), slightly less for lunch, and least at night.

All I did was to follow that.

And this is one habit I am going to continue, eating too much at night isn’t good for you anyway. Being all bloated and burpy just before you head to sleep is not fun. :(

How it feels to be partially deaf for a week


Oh boy, if only we are able to eradicate wax from our ears with the same mechanism as how we rid ourselves of our bodily wastes.

For the past week, I’ve been (and I still am) partially deaf, thanks to a completely blocked right ear. And what I can say after this entire experience is – never take the ability to hear for granted.

Speaking at a volume which most people consider as “normal” is a challenge. Because of the blocked ear, my voice reverberates inside my head as I speak, so I sound much louder (to myself) than I really am. So I end up speaking at a volume much softer than usual. Which also means I have to repeat myself more.

Trying to talk at my regular volume gives me a headache. (Thanks to my voice reverberating in my head.)

I can’t quite hear as well too – which also means my friends have to repeat themselves more.

And sometimes I just don’t feel like asking people to repeat themselves (and I don’t even want to explain how I can’t hear properly in one ear – because it invites a deluge of questions which I don’t want to answer) so I just nod my head and pretend I understood them.

Unless of course, they asked a question (which I didn’t hear).

Then, cue the awkward silence.
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